Feng Shui and Fertility

  It is common knowledge that infertility affects thousands of couples every year and the toll it takes on a relationship can be damaging.  The desire to have a baby is normal when a couple is involved in a deep, meaningful relationship and if that dream doesn’t appear to be possible, the results can be catastrophic.
 While medical advances in the treatment of both male and female infertility have come a long way in the last several years, many couple want to take a more proactive stance and do something to help themselves start a family.  For those with the inclination, Feng Shui can help with the fertility process.  This ancient practice that focuses on balance and harmony in every aspect of a person’s life and the relationship between conceiving a child and living a harmonious life are clear.  The positive energies that influence the good life forces can aid in the conception of a baby if you use the Feng Shui practice to enhance your conception attempts.  Feng Shui and fertility are closely related when the practice is focused on both parents.
  The first place you should focus on in your home to enhance your Feng Shui and fertility practice is in the bedroom.  Clear all of the clutter from the tops of the dressers, closets, and any debris on the floor.  Clutter is destructive to the positive Feng Shui energies and therefore damaging to the conception attempts you and your partner are trying.  Make sure your bedroom is a haven of comfort and relaxation for both of you.  Cleaning up is a small price to pay for a baby of your own.

  Some of the other things you can do in the bedroom include certain decorating décor and specific Feng Shui symbolism.  Red paper lanterns are incredibly beneficial hanging on either side of the bed.  They symbolize positive yang influence in the bedroom and will greatly aid in the conception process.  Another good item to include in your bedroom décor is one hollow piece of bamboo.  A dragon place strategically on the man’s side of the bed can increase the passion and potency of the union and help the couple with infertility issues.  When you hang pictures or other decorations remember to always display pictures or statues that display 2 things.  Two birds, two people, two fish, you get the idea.  The display of two fish is the symbol of marital union and can greatly aid in the Feng Shui and fertility.  Continue with the animal theme and include elephants in your decorations.  In Feng Shui elephants are closely related to pregnancy and placed prominently in the room, are connected to male children.  Good Feng Shui practice is a great way to aid yourself and your partner in the family starting attempts.
 Unlike many other fertility practices, Feng Shui and fertility tends to focus on the man rather than the woman.  In Feng Shui, the term “Descendant’s Luck” is what determines the good fortune a man will experience while trying to start a family with his partner.  Trying the various ways to positively influence descendants luck is a good start to combat infertility using Feng Shui.
  The rest of the house is important in providing the balance you need to conceive a child.  One of the most damaging effects on Feng Shui and fertility is the occurrence of a blockage in front of the front door.  In one case, a tree was blocking a childless couple’s front door.  When a Feng Shui consultant recommended removing the tree, the couple followed the advice and removed the tree.  As a result, the couple had a baby nine to ten months later.  A blockage in front of the door prevents positive chi or energy from entering the home.  Not only is this not helpful in the conception process, it also is detrimental to all other aspects of a harmonious life. 

  Relying on the natural, productive aspects of Feng Shui and fertility can help you achieve the dream of becoming parents.  It is no secret that being at peace and harmonious within your life and yourself is one of the best ways to encourage the positive chi needed to conceive your baby.  Even medical science focuses on the importance of a healthy state of mind for both parents during the conception process.  When using Feng Shui to encourage fertility, the whole idea is to achieve a deep sense of harmony and balance in your life.  After all, it is unlikely that the body will allow such an important event if the mind and soul aren’t prepared for the pregnancy and subsequent birth. 
  Feng Shui and fertility are closely linked as are all aspects of a person’s life.  Using the symbolism and harmony of this ancient practice are one of the most effective, grace filling practices that can help you and your partner fulfill the dream of starting a family.  Infertility isn’t something that you just have to live with.